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Issue 13

This is the thirteenth issue of a fan-made magazine featuring an awesome purple jester from the dream world. (And friends!)

Inside, you'll find challenges for while you're playing the games, puzzles, art opportunities, a few make-your-own craft and baking ideas, fanart, and much more!

Click the picture of the cover for the reading format of the zine, or click the either of the links underneath it for the printable formats so you can have a physical copy to play with.

Contributors for this month include:

Rose - artist - visit Rose's deviant site here.
Vadell Gabriel - musical coordinator - visit Vadell's bandcamp site here.
Sea-Salt - artist - visit Sea's artstation site here.
Kigoci - artist - visit Kigoci's twitter here.
Katie Kane - artist - visit Katie's deviant site here.
Cocomocomochi - artist - visit Coco's tumblr site here.
Celest - artist - visit Celest's tumblr site here.
Von - artist - visit Von's twitter here.
Gustave - artist - visit Gustave's devaint site here.
KordeliahBelle - artist - visit Kordeliah's twitter here.
Dreamie - artist - visit Dreamie's twitter here.
Timer_&_Balan - artist, editor - visit Timer's twitter here, or Balan's twitter here.
Dec the Train Wreck - artist
Anthro7 - editor, writer, artist - visit Anthro's deviant here.