November 26th, 2022

Sorry, no update this week or next week. (We try to update each week on Saturday.)

Back on November 19th we had a craft fair. The next day, we had a performance. Monday, we needed a day to recover. Tuesday we did inventory from the busy weekend. Wednesday we had to start prep for Thursday and Friday [USA] Thanksgiving dinners with the in-laws and then the parents. Thus we arrive at today, with no update. I'm sorry.

This coming week, we have to spend all week restocking for a craft fair on December 3rd, so there won't be an update then either. HOPEFULLY, our next update will come on the 10th, or if we can manage it, a little before.

Meanwhile, if you met us at a craft fair and are looking for a present that would be time-sensitive, try checking our ebay page to see if what you want is there, or else use the Message page to tell us about what you're looking for. We'll try to get back to you within 24 hours.

For those just visiting for the first time, the site went through some changes over the summer. It started getting updated one category at a time in October, so not everything is up and running yet. So far, the categories we have available all have previews here on the home page - but feel free to look around! You can also visit our ebay page, if you'd like, to see some other items.

Until next week, sweet dreams, everyone!


Also, feel free to visit our ebay shop to see a few of our other items.